Flexographic printing is versatile and can print on a wide range of surfaces including plastics, cellophane and paper. That’s why so many customers choose flexo printed packaging.

Flexoprinting printing is the new industry standard for larger production runs of up to eight colours. The flexible relief plate used to print products is a relatively new innovation in the centuries-old tradition of printing, but it produces bold and brilliant results on a number of different surfaces.

Flexographic Printing, Sample 1

That’s why you can rely on us for flexographic label printing in whatever quantity you need. From shorter sample runs to large-scale package printing operations, we want to help you produce the kind of packaging that you’d be proud to display on the supermarket shelves.

Flexographic Printing, Sample 2

Our focus on providing the UK’s best flexographic label printing service means we’re dedicated to ensuring every last sticker and label is provided just the way you want it. We can print on a variety of substrates in any number of sizes and shapes, as well as in large areas of solid colour.

Whatever your printing requirements, we can ensure your needs are met with a high-quality finish, no matter what the size and scale of the job.

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