Custom Label Printing

At JH Davenport we pride ourselves on customer service and quality. Established in 1888 we are one of the most experienced custom label printing services in the UK. Chances are that you’ve already seen our work as we manufacture labels for many well-known high street stores such as Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and M&S.

We supply custom packing for any business, large or small. We have an expert design team who works with you to really make your brand packaging standout. We can supply you with custom printed labels on rolls, such as labels for packaging food product, in any size, shape and quantity.


Custom label printing

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Our professional product label printing service is versatile to suit your needs as we employ several different printing methods, label materials, and label adhesives, for various label types.


Label Types

JH Davenport supplies various label types to suit your requirements. These include:


Labels For Packaging Food Product

Printable self adhesive labels

Do you want to make your product stand out on the shelf? Our experienced team can create labels for packing food product that produces eye-catching results. From packaging labels to high-quality product stickers, we manufacturer labels to any size, shape and finish to suit their intended use. We also offer advice on the best adhesives to use (removable or permanent) to satisfy your requirements.

Our approach is to really get to know your brand, so whether it’s barcode stickers or packaging stickers, we can produce what you’re looking for.


Chemical Labels

If you want premium chemical labels, you’ve come to the right place. We supply the chemical manufacturing, and transport industry with chemical hazard stickers, chemical safety stickers, chemical identification labels, and you name it.

Our experienced staff can advise you on the best type of label for your packaging. We can notify you on whether peel-and-reveal, synthetic laminated labels or standard permanent-self-adhesive paper labels will best suit your requirements.


Bottle / Jar Labels

Do you require eye-catching bottle or jar labels? We are a leading producer of bottle and jar labels in the UK. Our bottle label printing is ideal for any wine labels, a beer bottle label, or any other type of bottle or jar label that you need.

We supply self-adhesive labels for bottles in either a matt or gloss finish, either as removable labels or ultra-permanent versions. Additionally, we offer the option of waterproof finishes on our beer and wine labels.


Price Labels For Shops

In a highly competitive market, it’s imperative to stand out from the crowd. We supply a wide range of eye-catching price tags and price labels for shops. They are a great way to ensure brand visibility.

We are a price label sticker printer with decades of experience and can produce the perfect price tag labels, price stickers, and custom price tags for your business.


Peel and Reveal Labels

When you need to give more information than there is space available on a standard label, peel and reveal labels are ideal solutions. A standard peel and reveal label has three times more area than a standard single sided label. In fact, we can even manufacture booklet or pull-out leaflet labels giving up to 32 pages of information.

We produce Peel and Reveal labels on either paper or synthetic material with a seal that is either varnish or laminate.

Another type of Peel and Reveal label are Wraparound or overlap labels. For example, if you have an aerosol label and don’t quite have enough space to fit the information they can be used to extend the label.


Custom Swing Tags

Custom swing tags are excellent to display price information about your products clearly. They look very stylish, and we can supply you with a choice of string or elastic cord to attach them to your items.

The information or marketing on a swing label is generally supplied on two or four sides. Whether you want differently shaped tags to match your branding, coloured, black or white swing tags, we are here to help.


Hazard Labels

If you need to indicate that materials are hazardous clearly, we have a wealth of experience in providing custom hazard labels and warning stickers.

If you give us the critical information to meet industrial safety guidelines, we’ll manufacture quality printed hazard labels with all of the visual elements necessary to keep people informed and safe about what they’re dealing with.

Our label manufacturing process uses strong adhesive and eco-friendly solvent inks to ensure long-lasting quality hazard material labels. If you require a hazard warning label, we can supply quality chemical safety hazard labels or any other hazard label that you need.


Food Labels / Ingredient Label

JH Davenport is accredited to the BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials. As a very experienced label printing company, we have experts on hand to advise you on the most effective food packaging labels for your products.

We’ll also develop the perfect custom food labels to withstand handling during transit, contact with other substances, and hot or cold temperatures.

We provide expert advice on the ideal type of paper, print solution or adhesive to make sure your food packaging is fully compliant with existing food regulations.

We employ stringent quality control checks to ensure your food ingredient labels are of the highest quality and are consistent across your order.


Label Materials

We offer expert advice in choosing the right label materials for your project, and provide the following label material options:


Gloss Labels

Our quality is exceptional, and we offer a great price on bespoke printing requirements. We have a vast range of sizes and shapes to choose from, and our high-quality gloss label printing service ensures that the labels don't lose their lustre over time.


Foil Stickers / Metallic Labels

If you’re after a premium look and feel, then we can print custom foil stickers or metallic labels with a polished metal finish. You can choose from either silver metallic stickers or gold metallic stickers and get a high-quality look at affordable prices.


Clear Labels

Another option for custom label printing is to use transparent stickers. We can produce clear labels in stunning colours, with vivid details that are strong enough to look great through all weather conditions. You can choose from a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit your requirements.


Waterproof labels

If you require weatherproof stickers, then it is critical to know what material and which inks to use. We are specialists when it comes to outdoor labels, and we use only eco-friendly solvents and strong adhesive so that our permeant waterproof labels are capable of withstanding even the harshest of weather.


Paper labels

Our versatile paper sticker printing service prints your labels onto A4 sheets, which are easy to apply to your own packaging materials. We offer a wide selection of shapes and sizes, and our paper labels tags can carry product barcodes. They have a strong adhesive backing which ensures that they remain secure.


Label Adhesives



Our printed self-adhesive labels suit a variety of purposes, including labels for providing essential product information, stocking the shelves, etc. We print in a variety of different materials, including paper, vinyl, plastic and foil. We can also provide any size, shape or finish that you require.


Removable Food Labels

These easy peel stickers help you to make your mark on numerous surfaces and products. Whether you want to refresh your shop displays regularly, or for a temporary exhibit, we can help you to come up with the removable labels that you require to get your message seen.


Permanent Labels

We also provide non-removable labels for a lasting finish. We can guide you on the right permanent label for your project and advise on what kinds of adhesive is best suited to your requirements. Whether you want to stick the labels to metal surfaces or plastic, then we provide the ideal label with a standout design.


Printing Methods



The traditional way of getting your message across is lithographic printing. Unlike other printing techniques, lithographic printed labels and packaging feels superior to the touch. From large print runs to limited test runs, we can use lithographic printing for anything including marketing and direct mail leaflets, product catalogues, business brochures etc.


Digital Printing

Digital printing is a simple and affordable way to get your message out there. Our digital printing solutions can provide a powerful visually impactful product that stands out. Whether you want digital printing for large-scale product roll-outs or for a smaller test-run, digital printing means setting up the job is faster and will cost less than producing the individual plates required for more traditional printing methods.



Flexographic printing is the new industry standard for large production runs of up to eight colours. It relies on a flexible relief plate to produce bold and brilliant colours on a range of surfaces and is a relatively new innovation in the tradition of printing. Flexographic printing can be used to print on surfaces such as cellophane, plastics and paper.


Turn Around


Long Run Labels

If you require a high volume of labels, then it’s a good investment to go for long run labels as it can be the most cost-effective choice. You can bulk purchase long run labels from us in large quantities. Our long run stickers are an easy way to maintain consistency across the branding of your products. We can print long run labels in a variety of designs to suit your project.


Short Run Labels

Short run labels are an excellent option for a first run trial of a new design. They are also useful if only a few products need labelling up, or if you’re planning on a limited promotion, or if you want to have multiple designs in the same run.


Quick Turn Around

We have the technology and expertise to offer fast custom label printing if you need labels delivered to you as soon as possible. Our fast label printing service maintains the same high standards that we apply to any order.


Davenports Label Printers is based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Whether you’re looking for Leeds printers or require high-quality packaging of the calibre seen in major Supermarkets, then we are here to help. We deliver locally or nationally.


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